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Terms and Conditions for Operator

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before registering as a taxi driver or private hire operator with OTH Minicabs. By registering with us, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, including adherence to legal minimum standards and vehicle safety requirements.


We don't charge you any subscription fees for you to join, we only booking fees per job passes to your company when you joined our service. We will not charge you for text messages or email sent to you. Thereafter we will only charge you a booking fee when we pass on the customer's details to you. The booking fee your company will pays us is 8% commission on total booking price each month plus VAT on the commission total.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend our commission % without notice. All commission are inclusive of VAT. We will send you an invoice each month with the total amount due to us. Payment is due within 14 days of the date of the invoice unless paid in advance using credit card, debit card or any other accepted payment method. 8% of the total from all booking's passes to your company each month, the total sum of booking fees must be paid to avoid interruption of booking passing to you, please note that account will be banned or suspended for any non-payment of invoices. All charges will be available for review on your invoices via online or email each month. If you do not pay by the due date, we can charge you interest at 5% late payment. We also reserve the right to suspend your use of our service for abusive use of our services. No refunds or compensation will apply while your account is suspended.

Journey fares

Customers can either pay electronically through our secure website which then passes to your account or cash to your driver direct for the bookings you undertake. You must adhere to the price quote for a booking, save in exceptional circumstances such as flight delays. In case of electronic payments through our website no processing fee will be charge. If you have agreed to use our system, you are aware that this system calculates the fare of the journey based on one parameters we have set-up for all operator account on the Quoting page amongst those are the distance from your office, the journey distance, fare per mile and surcharges for rush hour, night hour, weekends, bank holidays and others. You can sign up now for our one for all quoting system.


We require all our registered taxi and minicabs companies to comply with minimum standards as to the quality and level of service provided. These minimum standards are as follows below:

  • All taxis or minicabs companies or private hire operators must be licensed by their local authority and during the registration process you might be required to produce evidence of your licence. You must ensure that your licence is kept valid and up to date at all times. If you do not do so, or do not comply with legal requirements in relation to your vehicle, we reserve the right to terminate your operator account immediately. We reserve the right ask you to produce your driving licence, local authority licence, MOT certificate, "hire & reward" insurance certificate and any other document that in our opinion we need to see to prove that you are properly and legally registered and licensed. We conduct random checks on our registered taxis or minicabs companies as part of our efforts to maintain reputable service through our website and O.T.H Minicabs reserve the right to terminate your account immediately, if you fail to comply with our terms and conditions. If your local authority licence is cancelled, withdrawn or not renewed, you must notify us immediately.
  • We only accept registration of Taxi and Private Hire Operators. PH drivers are required to register through their PH operator to use this service. You must not do anything which breaches these terms and conditions as we may pursue you for all consequential loss or damages suffered as a result of your actions. If we find that you have failed to comply with OTH Terms and conditions or that you have deceived us by giving us false details, we may pursue you for a sum equal to £60,000.
  • Your vehicle must comply with all requirements of the law. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, it must be roadworthy, taxed and licensed and you must have "hire & reward" insurance at all times. We reserve the right to require you to produce evidence of roadworthiness, including a current MOT certificate, road tax, local authority licence and insurance. You must display a local authority plate or disc, as required by your local authority, and comply with any other local authority requirements. We recommend that you carry out regular vehicle safety inspections, including daily walk round checks, as contained in the VOSA guidelines for maintaining the roadworthiness of passenger carrying vehicles which can be found on the VOSA website at
  • Your vehicle should be kept clean, free from fumes or excessive noise, and fitted with adequate heating and ventilation systems which are maintained in good working order.
  • In the case of TFL Taxi and Private Hire, local authorities have the power to set taxi fare scales for journeys commencing within their area, and most do so. You agree that if these fare scales apply to you, you will not seek to charge a fare which exceeds the maximum allowed. If you are a private hire driver, you will only accept bookings which have been made in advance with a private hire operator and which have been allocated to you by your Private Hire operator.
  • Once a booking has been accepted, you must use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the customer is collected from the collection point at the time requested.
  • If you are meeting passengers off a flight, you will be expected to meet them in the arrivals hall notwithstanding flight delays, there will not be any compensation due to a flight delay.
  • Price quote for or accepted for an airport / train / ferry pickup shall include up to 1 hour waiting time and parking which starts 15 minutes after the landing / docking / train's arrival time as reported on the official airport's / terminal's / train station's website.
  • You will drive with due care and courtesy towards the passenger and other road users.
  • You will take the most time-efficient route, bearing in mind likely traffic problems and known diversions, and explain to the passenger any diversion from the most direct route.
  • Where a customer has made a special request (for instance, for a child booster seat £5 extra) by accepting for that journey you agree that you will comply with that request with no additional charge.
Cancellations and No shows

You will be charged for bookings cancelled or cause by you.

Customers may cancel their booking through our website up to 30 minutes before the actual pick up time if this is the case you will be notified having contacted customer. These bookings will not be charged booking fees.

It is your responsibility to make all efforts to contact the customer using all the information we have provided you with including telephone number to arrange for the pick-up.

In case you have made all efforts to contact the customer and had no response from the customer up to 1 hour before the pickup time, you may report to us on 08000321164 and in case we find that it was justified you will not be charged booking fee for this booking.

Account Login Area

After you agree to the terms and conditions and sign up for an operator account you would have created and received your login details that will allow operator to monitor new bookings review and accept booking. Please note that you should keep all login details securely from public. In login area you can view;

  • New jobs – You can view new jobs posted and the first company to accept that job will win the offer and the detail will be move from new job postings.
  • My jobs – Operator will be able to see all jobs they accepted in this area.
  • My account – My account section of operator account will show total money for work done, total commission which due and the total due is amount due to pay by operator including VAT.
  • My Invoices – Here operators can view all their monthly invoices, review and make payment of invoices due to O.T.H Minicabs Group and even add method of payment for invoices.
  • My settings – Here you can change your password, update operator and licence details and upload licence and document.

Please note that we will charge commission from the 1st July 2012 and any company joined before the 1st July will not pay any commission until after the beginning of July 2012.